Adult Sewing Classes

Needle & Stitch offers adult classes workshops for anyone 16 or older year-round on a variety of topics, including sewing, knitting, embroidery, crochet, crash courses, and more. We are always open to future class / workshop suggestions from students as well! All supplies are included! 


Sewing 101:

Have you ever wanted to learn how to sew but weren't sure how to start? This is the class for you, a class for total beginners (aka never used a sewing machine, but wants to learn how to use one). Learn all the basics you need to create anything! Students will learn how to thread a sewing machine, wind up a bobbin, sew in a straight line, prepare fabric, pin fabric seams, add snaps, and much more!!!


Embroidery 101:

Have you ever wanted to embellish a simple jacket of yours with colorful shapes, initials, or even cute flowers? Learn different types of hand stitches and create beautiful designs on fabric in this embroidery workshop. Students will learn how to create motifs on embroidery hoops using a variety of unique stitches varying from straight and chain stitches to intricate french knots.


Sewing 101 (Beginners)

Sunday, October 8—November 5, 12-1pm ET 
Monday, October 9—November 6, 6-7 pm ET
Sunday, November 19 —December 17, 12-1pm ET
In-Person· 5 CLASSES·
Sewing 101 is for complete beginners to sewing, anyone is able to join

Course content will include the following:

  • Learning how to use a sewing machine
  • Practicing simple stitches
  • Completing a project (tote bag, pillow, etc)


Woman's Embroidery / Hand Sewing 101 (Beginners)

Tuesday, October 10—November 7, 6-7 pm ET 
In-Person· 5 CLASSES·
Embroidery 101 is for complete beginners to hand sewing, this class is exclusively for woman

Course content will include the following:

  • Learning different floral stitches
  • Adding buttons to clothing
  • Completing a project (tote bag, pillow, etc)



One Semester: $250



Registration will be opening late August 2023! Please stay tuned! It will be accepted online (preferred) or by phone at (718) 306-6060. Take into consideration that classes tend to fill up very quickly, we recommend to sign up as soon as possible!


Please register by Monday, October 2, if possible. Seats may not be available after this date; please check the website for registration availability or contact the office. 



Cancellation Policy: Cancellations are accepted until 12 pm ET on the business day before the course or workshop begins. After this deadline, cancellations are not accepted and tuition is not refundable or transferable for any reason (including for credit). Upon cancellation, the tuition paid minus a service charge ($25 for courses, $15 for workshops) will be refunded. Cancellations are only accepted via phone.

By registering for a course, you accept and agree to the above terms of the cancellation policy.


Due to the essence of the work done in sewing classes, please note that there is risk associated with the use of pins, needles, scissors, irons, etc. We have a first aid kit and the class is closely supervised, but there will always be the risk that someone may poke themselves with a needle.  



Please attend the course you have registered for as much as possible. Because of how tight schedules are, we don't have makeup classes for individual students who miss a class. If your child misses a class, they can have a one-on-one private class for an additional $15 depending on availability. More information on how to schedule a makeup class can be provided by calling (718) 306-6060. 


Needle & Stitch strongly encourages everyone entering the building to be up to date on COVID-19 vaccines, including any boosters for which they are eligible. In-person students do not need to provide proof of vaccination and booster.


Needle & Stitch retains the right to cancel a class at its discretion due to inclement weather or other circumstances. In such circumstances the office will determine the best option for replacement class(es), which may be on another date. 


Invite a friend / sibling / parent to your class for a discounted price (Call for more information)!